Why is it Necessary to Discuss Erectile Dysfunction with a Partner!

Social Myths Make Men Lie

For the majority of men, discussing all the issues related to sexual health; and, especially to potency is a taboo. It is considered, by default, that a real man always wants sex and is always capable of it. If not, then there is something wrong with him. Interestingly enough, this myth is supported by men themselves, who firmly believe that a male experiencing problems in bed is a sort of an invalid or disabled.

Therefore, men prefer not to speak about such problems pretending that these just don’t exist. It is hard for them to discuss erection issues, even with a specialist, not to mention their partners. However, experts believe that this approach can cause nothing but mutual disappointment and separation.Erectile Dysfunction with a Partner

What are the Outcomes of Stonewalling?

When a man doesn’t want to discuss his intimate problems with his wife or girlfriend, two common outcomes can follow:

1) A man pretends that everything is ok. He doesn’t go to a specialist and doesn’t take any meds. At the same time, he is subconsciously afraid of failure; and, avoids sex. For example, the man can be late from work or tries to spend time out of home under any pretext. Some men begin drinking alcohol and spend more time with their friends. No wonder that a woman, who doesn’t understand what’s going on, blames herself or suspects her partner in infidelity. This commonly causes nothing but misunderstanding, quarrels and mutual separation.

2) A man starts treatment, but keeps it as a secret. However, in most cases a woman feels that her partner is hiding something from her. In addition, ED drugs are usually not cheap, and a man has to hide these expenditures also. An alert woman can, once again, think that her partner has an affair ot something like this. In any case, it doesn’t add warmth and understanding into relations.

What is the Best Approach?

If you experience clear symptoms of erectile dysfunction; then, don’t keep silence. Muster up the nerve; and, talk to your partner. Explain that you love her as much as before; but, there are some physiological difficulties, which you need to overcome. Say that you need her love and support like never before. Be as fair and convictive as you can. Most women will appreciate such a move. After that, you can develop the further strategy together.

What is the Strategy?

First of all, both of you should understand that erectile dysfunction is notErectile Dysfunction with a Partner a mortal sentence; and, not an end of life. It is just an uncomfortable problem that is perfectly treatable. Modern medications (Viagra, Cialisand others) efficiently remove symptoms and let you enjoy sexual life, almost, without any limits.

So, in any case there is no reason for panic. Visit a qualified specialist, who will prescribe you an adequate treatment and follow recommendations. Keep in mind that in some cases ED can be completely cured (everything depends on the cause and the degree of its development). Openness in relations with a partner will help you resolve the problem in the best way. Sometimes problems can even strengthen relations in a couple; so, don’t be afraid of difficulties! Just overcome them together.