Ignoring of Early ED Symptoms Can Result in CVD Diseases Development!

Erectile dysfunction is not a mere weakening of a men’s sexual power. In the majority of cases ED doesn’t come alone; but, occurs as a symptom of more serious and even life-threatening conditions. That is why experts do not recommend ignoring the first symptoms of ED.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptom

Most frequently, erectile dysfunction is a sign of one of the following conditions:

  • cardiovascular disorders;
  • low testosterone;
  • obesity & high cholesterol;
  • prostate disorders;
  • kidney or liver dysfunction.

CVD as a Common Cause of ED

Cardiovascular disorders impact the quality of erection to a large extent. As you must know, the mechanismErectile Dysfunction Symptom of erection implies the filling of the penis (or, to be more exact, cavernous body located inside the penis) with blood. And this process depends on the circulation quality. If your blood vessels are constricted or there are plaques, preventing normal circulation; then, blood supply to the cavernous body is insufficient. As a result, erection doesn’t occur despite the sexual arousal of a man.

For this reason experts recommend visiting a cardiologist, as soon as facing the first symptoms of ED. If treated early and properly, almost any disease can be effectively cured, and its further development is prevented. Even if the diagnosis is not confirmed, you’d better play it safe. By the way, if the initial cause (CVD disorder) is eliminated, and normal circulation is restored, ED symptoms also disappear. However, when you ignore the symptoms, abandoning sexual life or taking drugs without prescription; you are risking to get complications in the form of worsening of your cardiovascular problems.

What about ED as an Effect of CVD?

Does it mean that one should concentrate only on the search and treatment of the initial cause of the disorder and put aside symptoms of ED themselves? Of course not. Relieving of ED symptoms and restoring your healthy sexual life is a primary task of any man. Sexual abstinence is not a solution. Today, there are efficient remedies with a proven efficiency that helps treat this annoying disorder safely and quickly. Moreover, they have a favorable effect on the circulation in general. These “magic” meds are the well-known Viagra (sildenafil), Cialis (tadalafil) and other similar drugs. They, temporarily, relax the vessels, providing a healthy physiological circulation of blood in the pelvis area. The effect of one pill can last from 4 up to 36 hours, depending on the type of the active ingredient.

So, what actions should a man facing erectile dysfunction undertake? An approximate action plan should be as follows:

  1. Erectile Dysfunction SymptomMake sure this is an erectile dysfunction,and not a one-time failure.
  2. Visit a urologist to examine your condition and get a prescription.
  3. Start taking Viagra or other prescribed medication is order to relieve symptoms.
  4. Visit a cardiologist and check your heart and vessels in order to avoid or prevent possible cardiovascular disorders.
  5. Fulfil doctors’ recommendations to overcome the disorder quicker.

Don’t ignore early symptoms of sex weakness. They can be signs of serious health problems, which need a proper and early treatment by a qualified health professional. Almost all of them can be cured if they are addressed timely and properly.