Five easiest techniques to cure poor erection and become rock hard

Poor erection and ED are a major source of embarrassment for men. Thinking that you might not be able to satisfy your partner anymore can mess up any man, emotionally and psychologically. Most men with serious erectile dysfunction undergo depression. They visit their physician to complain about depression and get a prescription of Prozac, the same medication that adds up to their sexual problem. Prozac has a negative effect on potency. However, simple ways and very easy techniques to improve potency exist. Sure, to follow them, you must forget about laziness, forever and become a very persistent person.

Do kegel exercises regularly

Kegel exercise is the special form of training that involves squeezing of the muscles around the anus and the genital. Do it in  way as if you want to interrupt urination. When you do it (squeezing the muscles), relax buttocks muscles. Hold your tightened muscles for several seconds and then relax. After a short relaxation (some seconds), do the same exercise again. Do it over and over. Do it several times a day and everywhere you go. Do it at your work or in a public transportation as no one can identify what you are doing. It will improve, surely, your erection.

Stay always hydrated

Dehydration can be a cause of weak erection for many guys. The statement might sound very strange until you remember that erection always needs a significant volume of blood flow, good nerve activity, and a high muscle function. Staying hydrated (drinking water much) helps men avoiding low potency. Never stay thirsty long time. Try drinking tea, mineral water without gas. Avoid drinking beverages with sugar, as much sugar in the blood can cause diabetes which is another reason for ED and weak erection.

Eat fresh vegetables and fruits

Vegetables and fruits have all the phytochemicals, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that your body requires. They help nerve action, libido, the function of the muscles, and they help to build the needed amount of blood in the body. Anemia often causes ED that is why right proper nutrition is always required. When you cannot eat this food (for some allergies, for instance), replace vegetables and fruits with vitamins pills and supplements.

Do exercises regularly

Regular exercise helps to get a good erection. Doing exercises, you keep your vessels healthy and help heart function. You must not become a sportsman – three times weekly is enough to support your body in healthy condition and prevent ED. Swimming, jogging, skipping, and brisk walking help very much.

Stay always positive

Positive emotions are always fundamental. Stress and depression are the greatest enemies of good erection. Grief and black thoughts kill sexual desire and cause ED. Fixing an emotional life becomes essential when you are in the risk group of people who can get erectile dysfunction. It means that even when your sex life is still in the norm, but some heart diseases, diabetes, and depression were diagnosed, do all the possible things to turn to a happy life again. Watch comedy movies with your partner, play with your children, and listen to classic music. As sex starts “from the mind” but not from genitals, treat your brain with the best positive “food”.

Following these recommendations will let you stay sexually active, for too long. Meanwhile, these 5 rules work even for those men who suffer already from ED. Yes, these techniques will help you to get rid of ED. However, you can also consult a doctor, learn about both drugs’ benefits and start taking Viagra or Cialis to provide your sexual activity.