Cialis FAQ

Sometimes, it seems that you have read and learned about medications a lot. But, some questions might still be lingering and you cannot find the answers for them even in the most scientific and popular articles. In this case, the answers of a FAQ becomes very helpful.

• I take Viagra 50 mg regularly. Will Cialis work for me better?

Each person has his individual reaction for both drugs. If your physician prescribed to you Viagra; it is better to follow his recommendations. When you start taking Cialis; remember, it must not be taken every day!

• I took last time one blue pill of Viagra and it did not work. Do I have to take another pill?

No. You made it right not to take the second pill of an ED drug. No one could predict the side effects it could cause. It is better make an appointment with your urologist or physician and consult with him. Probably, Cialis will be the better stuff from you.

• My husband (60 years) takes Viagra and feels too much tired. Do blue pills have this effect?

Yes, your husband’s tiredness can be explained by taking Viagra as he is old enough to have active sex. Tell him to consult his physician who might change Viagra for Cialis. The orange pills have softer effect.

• I love to have sex with my spouse (he has ED) twice a day. Which of the two ED drug will work for us?

Definitely, Cialis will work better for you. The drug will make your spouse sexually active for 24 -36 hours. However, the doctor consultation will help you in making the final choice.

• I am only 20, and I bought 100 mg Viagra. Must I cut the pills to reduce the dosage for my age?

By cutting the pill, you may damage its shell and also change the dosage. It is never safe. It will be better to pick another dosage of the drug and not be cheap when it comes to your health. Consult the doctor if you through ED, as it could be a serious sign of disease at this young age.

• What is the average time Viagra will work for me if I am 50?

The length of the drug activity does not depend on your age. When Viagra works, its effect lasts up to 4 hours. Meanwhile, Cialis can be better in many cases, ask your physician about it.

• I am 35 and I take Viagra. Will it have side effects in future?

You are too young to take Viagra regularly. Try Cialis if your physician recommends it to you. However, Viagra does not have long-lasting side effects.

• Will we have children if my husband takes Cialis? We are in our 30s.

If you are both fertile, Cialis can never become a problem for having kids. It does not affect the quality of your husband’s sperms. If you have difficulties in having kids, consult a urologist or a sexologist.

• How fast can I take another blue pill after I took the previous one?

You must not take Viagra more often than once a day. Always remember about the side effects of this or any medication. Probably, Cialis with its 36 hours of efficiency is better for you.