Erectile dysfunction – only the hardest facts about the softest truth

We all have heard about erectile dysfunction; or, as it is called: ED. However, many men still do not know actually what causes it and what to do about this “soft” problem. The following hard facts will let you understand the possible reasons of ED, the ways for treating it, and prompt you about which drugs work the best. You will know if erectile dysfunction can be cured.

What causes the ED problem?

An anonymous survey showed that many guys consider erectile dysfunction to be caused by bad nutrition, clogged arteries, low self-confidence, poor and rare sex life, etc. Doctors affirm, that side effects of non-narcotic drugs, diabetes, alcoholism, psychological factors and some other reasons (like grief, depression, penis injuries, etc) can cause ED. Erectile dysfunction is often although now always the first sight of a very serious disease. ED is never (!) caused by no sexual desire or the lack of it.

Who can get ED problem?

As the same surveys show, most of the asked persons think that ED and weaker erections are the problems faced only by aged men. Men who were asked the question about the possibility of getting erectile dysfunction said that, men after 50 should have the lower sexual drive and lower potency. This is not true. Certainly, with age, the vessels tone is not as great as in youth; however, many men after 60 have a good erection and continue their sexual life, while some young guys under 30 suffer from ED. Yes, roughly ½ of men over 45 are affected by ED to a certain degree. Meanwhile, ED can happen at almost any age. Urologists say that they have patients with ED who are in their 20s even!

What do ED medications usually do?

It will be wrong to state that such medications, like Cialis and Viagra, give a man erection automatically. Sexual stimulation is absolutely required when you take some of these drugs. Both Viagra and Cialis provide the better flow of blood to a man’s penis; thus, it becomes erected. However, being aroused is still required. ED medications do not increase sexual desire; they are not an Aphrodisiac, and they cannot cause the erection of the penis on their own. Legal OTC Viagra and Cialis have extremely rare side effects.

What should a man with ED do?

Often, men suffering from ED start taking testosterone without any control. It is the greatest mistake. As it was mentioned above, ED can be the result of serious diseases, even tumor. Thus, a person suffering from poor erection must primary visit a physician to share with him the problem. Many tests must be done before the doctor calls you the reason of your ED. If it is a physical disease, like diabetes, it must be addressed. According to the reason of the ED, certain medicines are recommended. The best way to start taking the better drug to treat erectile dysfunction is by getting recommendations from your doctor.

How must you tell your partner about ED?

Be honest and open. Men who hide their ED problems are often suspected of cheating and this misunderstanding can break the relationship and ruin marriage. Never ignore the problem, but take action instead picking to struggle with it. Treat it with the most effective today drugs to treat erectile dysfunction – Viagra and Cialis.