Erectile Dysfunction as a Plague of the 21st Century: Is There a Way Out?

Several decades ago, erectile dysfunction (previously known as impotence) was mainly considered a symptom of ageing. It was typical for older men. But today, it strikes young people, more and more. Those who can seemingly be healthy stronger sex representatives.

What are the Reasons for ED Spreading?

The number of men suffering from ED is increasing, from day to day; so, quickly some might jump to the conclusion that it’s like an infectious disease. Today, more than half of all the male adult population, in the world, has symptoms of ED with different severity.

Experts name the following reasons for this phenomenon:

  1. Rise in living standards causes general health deterioration, and it is not a paradox. Modern men are coddled; they are accustomed to living a sheltered life in comfortable apartments with central heating, hot water and soft sofas. They drive comfortable cars instead of walking. They work little and eat much. As a result, they are much weaker than men of previous generations.
  2. Nutrition matters! The problem of obesity is really rampant in most highly developed states. We consume a lot of pre-cooked and fast foods, drink much sweet drinks, and eat very little natural, organic healthy food. Obesity impacts the cardiovascular system severely; and, CVD, in turn, is the most common cause of ED.
  3. The idea of free love has its negative sides. Uncontrolled sex, frequent changes of sexual partners and lack of stability are not good for men’s health. It is proved that men having one regular partner have potency problems, less frequently.
  4. Stresses are everywhere. With the course of time, pace of life is getting faster and faster. A modern man living in a big city has virtually no time for relaxing. Add 10-12 hours of working in stuffy offices and sitting in traffic jams daily, and you’ll see that the picture is miserable. Most men, especially young ones live in the state of a permanent stress. It is definitely not good for health also.

What’s the Solution?

In fact, to prevent ED, men should adhere to several basic rules:

  1. Move as much as you can. Men should work physically, it’s their nature. If in your life there is a lack of physical labor, replace it with sport.
  2. Don’t overeat. It’s a bad habit, like drinking or smoking. Eat moderately, choose simple and natural food like vegetables, meat and cereals.
  3. Try to lead a regular sexual life. Uncontrolled sex influences your potency greatly.

What to Do if It’s Too Late?

If, despite all the preventive measures, you still face ED symptoms, use only trusted meds to overcome this disorder.Erectile Dysfunction Such drugs are, for example, Viagra, Cialis or their analogues. They effectively relieve the symptoms without any possible damage to your health. The efficiency of these drugs are proven by numerous studies and clinical trials. Don’t use dubious unnamed remedies with unproven efficiency.

ED is an unpleasant and frequently occurring male disorder. But everything is your hands. Start thinking of your health right now. Keep in mind that, like any disease, erectile dysfunction is easier prevented than treated. Revise your lifestyle, and you’ll manage to avoid major problems. And, if the problem occurs again, use proven and tested medications to remove its symptoms.