Cialis vs Viagra — learn both drugs benefits and treat ED efficiently!

viagra-cialisThe problem, that people often call impotence, has the “official name” of erectile dysfunction. This is the term relating to when a man faces problems with erection. ED is the abbreviation of this problem. It happens mostly when a guy is over forty or even older; but, it does not mean that if you are 21, you will be rock hard. Various diseases and states of depression can cause ED. At the end of the XXth century, American pharmacologists offered men the best, that is an medicine which they called Viagra. Viagra has even become the synonym of any drug making a man’s penis strong, and giving it great erection. Meanwhile, ten years after the Viagra invention, another medicine struggling with potency problems was invented. Its brand name is Cialis. It has become, almost, as popular as Viagra. Both medications have the aim to treat ED. Both have their side effects and contraindications. Both have their benefits. Here we share with you Cialis vs Viagra information, so you can pick the drug tat is better for you.

The reasons causing erectile dysfunction

Before you start making the Cialis vs Viagra choice, you must understand what the reasons of ED are. Choosing the right drug becomes easier when you find the “root” of your problem.

• Biological reasons of ED

viagra-cialis1Some biological reasons can cause ED. You are getting older and losing some of your testosterone could be possible reasons. You might, also, have hormonal disorders, which are causing low testosterone; have some vascular or kidney diseases, diabetes, or you can even have an actual injury in your penis; all these things can cause ED. A poor diet, unhealthy lifestyle, smoking, having a lack of energy, side effects of some medications, might lead you to facing the possible risks of ED. When you have some of these enumerated problems and low potency, Cialis or Viagra can be helpful. Picking Cialis or Viagra, you need to try both medications for you to compare the effect of each one; and, finally make this uneasy choice.

• Psychological reasons of ED

Many psychological reasons can cause erectile dysfunction. These are anxiety, guilt, stress, lack of libido, stress, performance anxiety. All these can cause ED. When you get into, at least one of these categories, you can say that you probably have ED.

When you have the diseases, mentioned above, or struggle with depression and black thought; it influences badly your potency. Men who choose to treat their ED should understand the Cialis vs Viagra battle and the difference between these medications. Listing the differences of both drugs and their efficiency will be helpful, always.

Comparing Viagra and Cialis

Comparing Viagra and Cialis, you will understand primarily which of both medications will work for you better. Certainly, the final choice of the drug must be done only after a consultation with your urologist and physician.

• Brands and outlook of pills

Both Cialis and Viagra are certified brands and available for sale online. Cialis contains Tadalafil and it is its brand name. It is manufactured by Eli Lilly and Icos. Viagra contains Sildenafil and it is its brand name. It is manufactured by Pfizer. Cialis tablets are orange while Viagra pills are blue ones. Both drugs have funny nicknames: “the weekender” for Cialis and “the blue pill” for Viagra. As the Viagra vs Cialis reviews show, Viagra is still much well-known everywhere than Cialis.

• The time on the market

Viagra, for treating ED has been known since 1998; while Cialis is five years “younger”. Thus, Viagra has more Google hits.

• Most popular side effects

All medicine, even the most “innocent” ones, have their side effects. Meanwhile, the patient must not be scared by the long list of these stated effects. Statistically, only 5 – 9% of men get minor side effects, while others do not even feel them. Comparing Cialis vs Viagra and their side effects can be helpful in picking the best medication for you. The most “popular, often met side-effect of Cialis, is muscle pain. Blue-like vision is Viagra’s side effect.

•The time to get medication and time of its effect

Pharmacologists and urologists recommend taking Cialis at least thirty minutes before a planned sex,; while, with Viagra, a man feels ready for sex in fifteen minutes. Taking Cialis, you can have sex within thirty-six hours, while the effect of Viagra is limited to only 4 hours.

• The price of the drugs treating ED

Comparing, Cialis vs Viagra cost, you will learn that Cialis is slightly cheaper. However, the final price of the drug depends on the pharmacy you buy it. Viagra and Cialis generics are cheaper, but they are sold overseas.

Popular medications treating ED and food

Initially, doctors and pharmacologists insist on avoiding fatty heavy meals before taking Viagra. Although it is mentioned in the  instructions that eating meals are possible. Many food reduce the effectiveness of the drug. Studies of Cialis have shown that there are yet no significant interactions of food when you take this medication. Thus, the drug has even got the nickname, “the weekender”, that means that yes, you relax as you want after work, having sex and enjoying tasty food. Generally, both drugs do not cause nausea. However, their absorption by the body can be affected with fatty meals.

The main similarities and differences of Viagra and Cialis

viagra-cialis2Comparing Viagra vs Cialis, you will get the following: certainly, both medications have similarities. They both treat erectile dysfunction and not cure it and they have the same side effects like face flushing and sinus congestion. They both make men confident in sex. However, Viagra is the shorter acting medication; while, Cialis is the longer-acting drug. Viagra can start acting in about thirty minutes after you take it. In contrast with it, the patient who wants to get the highest level of Cialis in his blood must take it at least two hours before the expected sexual intercourse. While Viagra works efficiently for only 2-4 hours, Cialis makes a man ready for sex for 24 –36 hours. Both medications promote natural erection: you get rock hard when you take Cialis or Viagra. However, it does not mean that after stopping taking these drugs your erection will persist. After climax, the erection will fade out.

Reading the Cialis vs Viagra reviews, they will help you understand which of the drugs works for you the way you want. Meanwhile, the final decision of picking a certain drug can only be made by trying both medications. Physicians and urologists consultations are always recommended and they might prescribe either one of these two potent medicines.